STEP Property Viewings

A guide to staying safe while viewing our business space.

Even during these unprecedented times, here at STEP we are continuing to welcome new tenants and receiving enquiries from businesses looking for premises. Our Property Team is working both on site and remotely and are happy to carry out viewings for those looking to occupy premises.

However, the health and safety of our staff and clients is paramount and we have therefore implemented a guide to allow us to carry out your viewing safely and in accordance with Government guidance.

While anyone that is serious about taking on premises will want to view the space in person, the Government has advised that, wherever possible, remote viewings should take place before physical viewings.

As an initial gauge of interest and to ensure physical viewings only go ahead with those seriously looking to occupy our business space, we will initially send you as much detail as you request in relation to the space including size, layout, images, location plan as well as all terms and conditions.

Again, in line with Government guidance, anyone experiencing Coronavirus symptoms should stay at home and no viewing will go ahead if any party is experiencing symptoms or has recently tested positive for Coronavirus. To ensure confidence you will be asked to answer the following questions prior to any viewing (and so will STEP staff carrying out the viewing):

  • Are you or anyone in your household displaying symptoms of COVID-19

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then the viewing will not proceed.

  • Ahead of the viewing, we will contact you again to ask the above questions to ensure the viewing can take place.
  • You will be asked to sign in at the reception of the building where the viewing is taking place (for contract tracing purposes).
  •  The business space will be opened up prior to the viewing and all touchpoints cleaned.
  • Sanitising units are available at all receptions and other locations within all buildings.
  • We will remain at a distance of 2 meters’ from you at all times.
  • Viewing staff will handle all doors, light switches, and other touchpoints.
  • If the space you are viewing is still occupied, we will ensure that the current tenant is not in attendance.
  • Only one STEP staff member will carry out the viewing
  • If you have any questions these will be answered during the viewing, after the viewing in reception or outside, or by a follow-up call if preferred.
  • After your viewing, the business space will be locked and all touchpoints will be cleaned.

To help minimise the number of people at the viewing, please arrive alone or with two other people.

You may wish to consider bringing along the following:

  • Sanitiser or wipes – to clean your hands before, during, and after the viewing.
  • Facemask – non-essential but acceptable if you wish to wear a facemask during the viewing.
  • Gloves – non-essential but acceptable if you wish to wear gloves during the viewing.
  • Viewing checklist – a list of everything you wish to view and questions you may have
  • Writing material – be it a pen, pencil, notebook, or phone, you may wish to make notes.
  • Mobile phone – to contact us if required and to take photos or make notes.
  • Bottle of water – we are unable to offer you a refreshment during the viewing.

We apologise in advance that we will not be able to shake hands but we look forward to welcoming you to your viewing.