Meeting Space Guidelines

A guide to staying safe while using our meeting space.

During these unprecedented times, we at STEP are proactively putting measures in place to allow us to welcome back our Venue Hire clients in a safe environment.

The health and safety of our staff and clients is paramount which is why we have provided this guidance to give you the assurance that we have put in all necessary steps to allow us to carry out your venue hire booking safely and in accordance with the current Government guidance. If you have any concerns or questions not addressed in this guidance please contact a member of our team for more information.


All of our meeting spaces have been configured so that the current recommended two-metre social distancing is in place. This means that the layout and capacity of our spaces have been restricted. Further information on this has been provided on the temporary Meeting Space price list.

  • All chairs will be placed two metres apart
  • Refreshments are available (must be ordered at least 48 hours before your meeting)
  • Stationary has already been removed but is available upon request


In line with Government guidance, anyone experiencing Coronavirus symptoms should stay at home and if any delegate is experiencing symptoms or has recently tested positive for Coronavirus, they must not attend the meeting. To ensure confidence it is your responsibility to ask everyone attending your meeting to answer the following questions prior to the meeting/event:

  • Are you or anyone in your household displaying symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Is anyone in your household currently self-isolating?
  • Is anyone in your household shielding or in the high-risk category?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, these delegates will not be able to attend the meeting.


  • You will be asked to sign in at the reception of the building where the meeting is taking place (for contract tracing purposes).


  • Your meeting space will be cleaned prior to arrival
  • The meeting space will be opened prior to your meeting and all touchpoints cleaned
  • Sanitising units are available at all receptions as well as other locations within all buildings
  • STEP staff will remain a distance of 2 metres from you at all times
  • After your meeting, all touchpoints will be cleaned, and the meeting room will be locked

As guidelines change and restrictions are lifted, we will continue to amend our procedures to ensure your safety. We will also continue to monitor room capacities, increasing capacity only when the government guidance advises that it is safe to do so. We will also be looking at the option of screens to assist with increasing capacity in rooms safely.

Venue HireMeasures
Meeting roomsAll meeting room chairs will be placed two metres apart regardless of layout and maximum numbers have been reduced to allow us to accommodate for this. Notepads and pens have already been removed but are available upon request
CateringCatering is available in the form of ‘lunch bags’ Shared catering platers are currently unavailable Please see our temporary catering menu for further details
RefreshmentsEach delegate will be provided with their own cup, glass and bottle of water (cups and glasses will be in sealed bags) Hot drinks machines and/or coffee stations will be provided Sanitiser, wipes and tissues will be available
General• Air con units will remain out of use and should not be switched on. Out of order signs are on placed over all Air Con control panels.